About us

About us

As Şahin Stainless Food Machinery, we do not only produce products, but also offer solutions for your applications in our modern factory of 7,100 m2 working area in 20.000 m2 area in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. We continue to offer the highest quality, most useful stainless machinery and equipment for our industrialists by combining new technologies with our experience and knowledge since 1980. Especially in the Chocolate Caramel Industry; We provide services and solutions for Turkish Delight and Cezerye Industry, Confectionery, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Dairy Industry, Other Industries (Liquid Oil Industry, Sugar Beet Sampling and Fire Detection Unit).


We are an active brand in being a solution partner by constantly renewing ourselves and the technology we use. We continue to add value to products with our “Wallbond” and “Chocofilt” brands, which you may encounter in many production facilities that attach importance to quality.

In the Chocolate Caramel Industry; In addition to our production of Fat Melting Boilers, Pre-Preparation Mixers, Resting Mixers, Chocolate Filter, Cassette Filter, Cream Production Equipment, Zed Mixer, Wallbond Mixers™, Mobile Mixers and Tanks, Caramel Cooking and Resting Unit, we are establishing a turnkey Soft Caramel Production Facility.

In Turkish Delight and Cezerye Industry; In addition to our production of Turkish Delight Cooking Pots, Turkish Delight Cutting Machine, Powdered Sugar Mill, Soup Mixer, Carrot Boiling Pot, Turkish Delight Tray Trolleys, we are establishing a turnkey Turkish Delight and Cezerye Production facility.

In the Confectionery Industry; We manufacture Honey Production Equipment and Complete Honey Production Plant, Halva Production Equipment, Jam, Molasses, Tomato Paste Production Equipment, Hard Candy - Soft Candy - Filled Candy production equipment, Wafer Production equipment, Stock Tanks.

In the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry; We manufacture Gel and Liquid Soap Production Equipment, Complete Powder Detergent Production Plant and equipment, Cube and V Type (Pants type) Mixers, Cologne Boilers, Special-purpose products.

Besides all these industries, there are Other Industries that we serve with our solutions.

Our main principle is quality and customer satisfaction, and the expectations of our customers are met in a short time without any problems. With the continuous improvement and continuous developments we have made over time, we both reduce the maintenance costs of the enterprises and minimize the operating costs. Please contact us without losing time for our quality and productivity-enhancing solutions.